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Whole Turkey Hearts
Our Price: $0.75
Our Price: $0.93
Whole Turkey Wings
Our Price: $1.15
An excellent muscle meat for your pets. Very little fat.  Its loaded with taurine for your cats too. 56% Fat Content. Cartilage & Muscle Meat Whole Turkey Wings : Low in sodium, No sugar, High in niacin, Very high in selenium. Raw Turkey Wings are a nice bone meal for your raw fed pet.
Whole Turkey Gizzards
Our Price: $1.19
Turkey Necks
Our Price: $1.25
Fresh Turkey Gizzards : Very clean, no fat. Excellent quality. They are muscle meat and fed either as whole meals, or dehydrated for treats for your raw fed pet. Cats and Dogs both love these leans pieces of meat. Turkey Necks: These necks are aprox 1 pound each. Great for teeth cleaning and the dog that loves their bones.