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Until We Have More Co-Op Members, We'll Be Using PayPal For Payment. Email Address To Send PayPal Payment Is

For those of you that DO NOT have a Chase Checking or savings account, use this link below


For those of you that DO HAVE a Chase Checking or Savings account, use this link below or just log onto your Chase account and click on the QUICK PAY tab in your account to send your payment.


You will make a new Recipient to send money for your purchase with the information below. If you need help, please give me a call or you can call Chase Quick Pay customer service to help you.

Recipient Name : Carnivore Carry Out Tenn

Email: pinafore1963@gmail.com

Cell Phone Number: 731-393-0208

You can send up to $250 through Chase Quick Pay without verifying your bank account. Just click on "Send Money" and follow the directions.

Make your payment for your total order plus $10 delivery fee per person. Be honest if more than one person is on the order and add the extra delivery fee please. This only covers my gas to pick the orders up. If there is extra we'll lower the delivery fee the following month.

You must MANUALLY go to Chase Quick Pay site to make your payment. Just clicking on the Chase payment option on your order, does not pay your order.

If you have any questions about using Quick Pay here is a FaQ link to help you along.


Any other questions you may have , please give me a call at 731-393-0208 7am-11pm 7 days a week.